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DUM-48/100B2 Power System 1000A
DUM-48/100B2 Power System is a compact and intelligent power system, configuration DZY-48/100B2 rectifier module, SC501 main controller and SC520 expansion. The system has large capacity and stable performance. It is suitable for communication room, especially for IDC or important data center.
  • Overview
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●   Configuration 6KW AC/DC rectifier modules, nominal output 48VDC;

●   Through the flexible cabinet parallel design, the overall system capacity up to 360KW;

●   Up to 0.99 power factor;

●   Intelligent fan-cooling;

●   Rectifier modules hot-swap;

●   N+1 rectifier module redundancy;

●   Advanced batteries monitoring and management;

●   ECO mode;

●   Support for custom module slot numbers.


●   AC input: Tolerance: 208-530VAC (3PH Y); Nominal: 323-480VAC (3PH Y)

●   Power factor: 99% at 50%~100% load

●   Frequency: 45~65Hz

●   THDi: <5% (at 50%~100% load); <2% (at no load); Rated input and output voltage


●   Output voltage: -53.5VDC (-43~-58VDC adjustable)

●   Output current: 1000A (configuration can be adjusted as required)

●   Voltage regulation: ≤±1%

●   Current sharing: ≤±5%

●   Efficiency: ≥96% (at 20%~100% load)

●   Ripple and noise: ≤200mV Peak-Peak

●   Psophometric noise: ≤2mV

Other Specifications

●   Operating temperature: -40℃ to +70℃ (-40℉ to +158℉)

●   Storage temperature: -40℃ to +85℃ (-40℉ to +185℉)

●   Humidity: Operating: ≤95% non-condensing; Storage: ≤99% non-condensing


●   Function: Operation information acquirements, battery and system management, system alarm, communicate with

control center related ports.

●   Main controller: SC501 & SC520 expansion

●   Dry contact: 22*DO (NO+COM)

●   Digital input: 20*DI

●   Interface: 7 inch, touch screen

●   Communication interface: RS232, Ethernet

●   Temp sensor: 2